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The Europe Forum promotes open, science-based dialogue between citizens and policymakers. The Europe Forum is a platform for societal debate on the future of Europe, the development of the European Union, and Finland’s role in Europe. In the Europe Forum, people from different areas of life get to meet each other: policymakers, non-governmental organisations, business sector, labour market organisations, specialists, and citizens.

The event’s seminars, panel discussions, and citizens’ debates will provide a base for constructive discussion on Europe and the significance and development of the European Union, not forgetting other topical domestic and international issues. The Europe Forum also strives to bring interesting international guests and speakers to Finland.

The Europe Forum is organised by association – Eurooppa-Foorumi Turkussa ry. The not-for-profit association was founded on 23 October 2018. The programme of the Europe Forum comprises input of various programme organisers.

The majority of Finns consider the European Union membership a good thing and think that Finland has benefited from it. Cooperation between the EU countries, the union’s positive impact on economic growth, and the new jobs created by the EU make Finns keep the door open to Europe. On the other hand, some Finns are skeptical about the future of the EU.

Europe and the European Union are undergoing changes. These changes have increased the pressure to develop European cooperation in many areas. This raises a question: what will the EU look like in the future?

In the near future, a broad and pluralistic, future-focused civil dialogue on Finland’s position in Europe and the European Union is needed. For this dialogue to be possible, we need an open and fresh mind, a constructively critical attitude, and a willingness to offer new prospects for the development of Europe and Finland. This requires accurate information about situations and possible solutions. The need for dialogue is not only temporary, but permanent. As far as Finland is concerned, the European Union plays a significant role in solving, for example, economic, legislative, immigration and environmental issues. Finland’s accession to NATO also increases the need for a broader foreign policy debate—what is Finland’s place in the world?

Finland has lacked a platform for a joint EU debate between citizens, policymakers and various societal actors. The Europe Forum responds to the need: it is a place to discuss the future of Finland and Europe.