The Europe Forum commits to organise the event in accordance with the criteria set for safe events

The Europe Forum was granted the Check! label which indicates that the event is safe and the Forum has been added to the safe events of Tapahtumateollisuus ry (“the Central Association of Event Industries”). 

The check list is a compilation of issues that must be taken into account regarding event safety. Each event organiser is responsible for observing official regulations and guidelines in their own activities. The Europe Forum is committed to complying with these regulations and guidelines. 

The list includes a number of different areas, such as health safety, safety at the event venue, public safety and cooperation with authorities and regulatory approvals. 

The list of health safety issues includes:

  1. Risk assessment and health safety plan
  2. Prevention of the spread of infections among the public
  3. Recommended use of a mask when the official recommendation is in force.
  4. Orientation of staff, subcontractors and performers. 

The issues related to the safety of the event include:

  1. A professional safety organisation is responsible for public safety
  2. Audience arrival, departure and movement have been planned
  3. Clear safety guidelines for audiences and participants
  4. A qualified safety manager

Listings belonging to cooperation with authorities and regulatory approvals:

  1. Active cooperation with authorities in good time
  2. Permit from the event venue and landowner
  3. Public event notification

All of the items on the check list mentioned above have been taken into account in the arrangements for the Europe Forum in order to ensure safe participation of all participants and staff in the event. You can find all the items included on the check list for safe events on the safe events website at:

The Europe Forum actively monitors the communication by authorities and undertakes to comply with the current guidelines

The safety of the event is ensured by observing the guidelines of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Culture to prevent coronavirus infections. In addition, the recommendations and instructions issued by the health authorities of the City of Turku and the decisions made by the Regional State Administrative Agency on the number of people at public events as well as the preconditions for the use of events and event venues will be taken into account.

The Europe Forum commits to the Clean & Safe Turku principles 

The Europe Forum has also been granted the Clean & Safe label. This means that we are committed to a number of measures in support of health safety and will do everything we can to make the participants feel safe at the Europe Forum. Clean & Safe Turku is part of an international operating model the idea of which is to protect both participants and organisers of the event from coronavirus and to make visible the measures taken to promote health safety. The cultural and event actors involved can be identified by the Clean & Safe label.