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24–26 August 2022
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Live event

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The Europe Forum 2021 was organised on 25–27 August. This year, the public participated in the Europe Forum online.

The whole programme was streamed live. Conversations were saved and can be viewed on YouTube.

Recordings of the 2021 Europe Forum programme

Wednesday 25 August

Wednesday 25 August – Hotel Radisson Blu Marina Palace

10:30–11:00 Keynote speech: Information influencing and Europe. Erkki Tuomioja (in Finnish)

11:00–12:00 Panel discussion: Finland and Europe in the era of information influencing (in Finnish)

13:00–15:00 Finnish fighter procurement – Political and security aspects (in English)

15:30–16:30 Is Finns’ indifference to EU affairs the fault of the media? Or merit? (in Finnish)

Wednesday 25 August – Turku city theatre lobby

09:00–09:15 Opening words for the Europe Forum (in Finnish)

11:00–12:00 Good and bad AI – Can artificial intelligence be more responsible than its users? Should it be? (in Finnish)

13:00–13:45 Vaccines and information bubbles (in Finnish)

14:00–14:45 Fit for 55: The EU’s legislative climate package under the microscope – how should Finland react? (in Finnish)

15:00-15:45 EU, youth and social media (in Finnish)

Thursday 26 August

Thursday 26 August – Hotel Radisson Blu Marina Palace

08:30–09:30 Opening of the Economy Day; distribution of business awards of Turku economic region; Greetings from the Ministers responsible for European Affairs (in English)

09:30–10:00 Keynote speech: What is equality after the pandemic: Economy, people, environment and democracy (in Finnish)

10:10–11:30 Expert speeches:  Greetings from the Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä; Expert keynote speech: Europe and recovery by Vesa Vihriälä; Keynote speech on European competitiveness and trade by Secretary General Ilze Juhansone (Lintilä and Vihriälä in Finnish; Juhansone in English)

11:45–13:00 High-level panel discussion: Competitiveness and trade – Possibilities for Europe and Finland in the Green transition  (in English)

13:30–14:15 Economy, future and ground rules (in English)

14:15–14:30 Future of EU export policy and Finnish companies (in Finnish)

15:30–16:15 The future of the euro and its significance for Finland (in Finnish)

Thursday 26 August – Turku city theatre lobby

10:00–11:30 Esko Antola lecture (in Finnish)

12:00–12:45 The future of the European union integration: What is the role of the EU in the changing world? (in Finnish)

13:00–13:45 Transport policy seminar: the future of transport policy (in Finnish)

14:00–14:45 Opportunities and threats of autonomous ship traffic in the Baltic Sea (in Finnish)

15:00–15:45 Lessons learnt from the pandemic (in Finnish)

16:00–16:45 Towards commonality between business and sustainable development (in Finnish)

17:15–18:00 Déjà vu: What combines the first and current Finnish Commissioner? (in Finnish)

Thursday 26 August – Vierailukeskus Joki

14:00–16:00 Turku Climate Forum 2021 (in Finnish)

Friday 27 August

Friday 27 August – Hotel Radisson Blu Marina Palace

09:15–09:30 Opening words of the Politics Day (in Finnish)

09:30–10:00 Two speeches on Europe (in Finnish)

10:00–10:45 EU’s twin transition and global role (in Finnish)

11:00–11:45 European direction: Progress in the rule of law in Europe and in the world (in Finnish)

13:00–13:55 Stability and prosperity: Keynote speech by Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto; Panel discussion: The United States – An ally, partner and competitor of the EU (in Finnish)

14:05–14:50 Europe and China – A Challenging Relationship (in English)

15:00–15:45 Strategic goals or coincidence – Prospects for the future of European defense cooperation (in Finnish)

16:00–16:45 Europe of liberty – what happens after COVID-19? (in Finnish)

17:00–17:30 Closing speech (in Finnish)

Friday 27 August – Turku city theatre lobby

09:00–09:45 My Europe -lecture for young people (in Finnish and Swedish)

10:00–10:45 Are you allowed to look after your own interests in the EU? (in Finnish)

11:00-12:00 German foreign policy after Merkel: What can Europe expect? (in English)

13:00–13:45 MTK – 30 years of successful EU lobbying in Brussels (in Finnish)

14:00–14:45 Borderfree Europe – A real vision or a fairytale (in English)

15:00–15:45 Use of recovery funds in the EU and municipalities (in Finnish)

16:00–16:45 Economic relations between the European Union and Russia – what to do? (in Finnish)

Friday 27 August – State office building

10:00–10:45 New European Bauhaus Talk: Vision for sustainable, beautiful and inclusive suburban neighbourhoods (in English)

11:15–12:00 The EU and Russia as part of the new world order – together or apart? (in Finnish)

13:00–14.45 Public hearing of the Grand Committee (in Finnish)

15:00–15:45 Duels on the future of Europe – What will happen to future education, the environment, and European values? (in Finnish)

16:00–16:45 The EU’s role in protecting fundamental values and human rights (in Finnish)