Europe Forum
24–26 August 2022
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The Europe Forum 2022 was a success – decision-makers, experts and citizens discussed the foreign and security policy situation, the economy and energy. In 2023, the Europe Forum will be held from 30 August to 1 September.

Recordings of the Europe Forum 2022 programme can be viewed below.

Return to the atmosphere of the Europe Forum 2022 by watching the event summary video: Summary video 2022.

Thursday 25.8.

Thursday 25.8.2022­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­– Hotel Radisson Blu Marina Palace, Meri-stage

8.30–9.00 Opening address. Keynote speech by President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola (In Finnish and English)

9.00–12.00 Europe, political economy and development of global trade (In Finnish)

13.00–13.45 Green transition: is the ball in EU’s court?  (In Finnish)

14.00–14.45 Development of democracy and human rights in the EU neighborhood (In Finnish)

15.00–15.45 The Energy Dilemma: a new balance? (In Finnish)

16.00–16.45 Cities as pioneers of carbon neutral Europe (In Finnish)

Thursday 25.8.2022­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­– Hotel Radisson Blu Marina Palace, Virta-stage

09:30–10.15 Trees go a long way – out of the fossil economy!  (In Finnish)

11.00–11.45 How to strengthen the patterns of cross-border cooperation in Europe – what was learned from the pandemic and how to cooperate in a crisis situation?  (In Finnish)

13.00–13.45 The future of democracy and the rule of law in Europe (In Finnish)

14.00–15.00 Energy savings NOW (In Finnish)

15.15–16.00 The UN’s guiding principles in corporate responsibility work (In Finnish)

16.15–17.00 Ukraine’s reconstruction and future in Europe (In English)

Thursday 25.8.2022­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­– The City Theatre Foyer

8.45–9.25 Zeitenwende: Germany’s new role in European security (In English)

9.30–10.15 Europe in the shifting geopolitical landscape (In English)

11.00–12.30 Esko Antola lecture: Economics and monetary policy facing the future (In Finnish)

13.00–13.45 Finland and Europe in transition – Business as part of preparedness and security of supply (In Finnish)

14.00–14.45 The role of young people in changing EU decision making (In Finnish)

15.00–15.45 The effects of the war in Ukraine on the EU’s global role (In Finnish)

16.00–16.45 The EU budget and global challenges – how do we get the most out of our common funds?  (In Finnish)

Friday 26.8.

Friday 26.8.2022 – Radisson Blu Meri-stage

8.30–9.00 Opening address. Keynote speech by EU Commissioner, Jutta Urpilainen  (In Finnish)

9.00–9.45 Finland as the driving force of a fair data economy in Europe?  (In Finnish)

10.00–10.45 EU defence toolbox (In Finnish)

11.00–12.00 EU-political prime ministers’ debate (In Finnish)

12.15–12.45 Turku’s hourly train as part of the European transport policy (In Finnish)

13.00–16.00 Foreign, Security and Defence Policy:” Fundamentals of Finland´s Security in Change”  (In Finnish)

16.00–16.30   Closing remarks. Anders Blom, Chair of the Europe Forum in Turku (In Finnish and English)

Friday 26.8.2022 – The City Theatre Foyer

9.00–9.45 How does a spark of entrepreneurship arise – how well do images and dreams meet in the everyday life of young entrepreneurs? (In Finnish)

10.00–10.45 Youth, values and the EU– rights and inclusion of gender and sexual minorities in Europe (In Finnish)

12.00–13.00 Finland´s traditional Russia policy is a thing of the past: what to replace it with? (In Finnish)

13.15–14.00 Is the world economy divided into blocks? – Production chains, efficacy, and growth (In Finnish)

Friday 26.8.2022 – Arken, Åbo Akademi

11.00–12.30 Åland in Europe with common values (In Swedish)

Friday 26.8.2022 – Speakers’ Corner, Hansatori

13.00–13.30 Energy policy, green transition and digitalization (In Finnish)

13.45–14.30 Interests of Finland in Europe (In Finnish)

14.30–14.40 Unique archipelago (In Finnish)

14.40–15.30 Covid-19, the climate crisis and the war in Ukraine – What is the situation with the mental health of young people in a challenging world situation? (In Finnish)

15.50–16.10 NATO membership and Finland (In Finnish)

16.15–17.00 Panel discussion on Finland’s foreign and security policy (In Finnish)