Europe Forum program completed: in August, top experts in politics, economics and science will meet again in Turku.

Full program of the Europe Forum 2022, August 24–26, has been published. The theme of the event, which will be held for the fifth time in August, is the role of Finland and the EU as part of a changing international order. Over three days, experts, decision-makers and the general public will be offered a high-level program with speakers from ministers, MEPs and top experts in science, economics and politics.

In a rapidly changing world, the Europe Forum is once again responding to the current need for a European debate and bringing together people from different walks of life. In addition to looking at the current world situation, we are also looking to the future, as this year we will also hear young people`s thoughts on tomorrows Europe. 2022 is the European Year of Youth and is reflected in both the European Forum program and the marketing video.

— The Europe Forum will relieve pressure in the social debate as Finland prepares for the parliamentary elections, the new economic upheaval and NATO membership. The direction of Finland is being discussed in Turku. Through the discussion, you will find the atmosphere for the politics in the autumn season and direction of the economy, says Anders Blom, Professor of Practice, at the Europe Forum in Turku.

The Europe Forum will take the form of a hybrid event. The main venues are the Radisson Blu Marina Hotel, The Turku City Theater, Hansatori and the Forum`s own virtual event platform. The general public will be able to attend the event through a virtual event platform as well as the first-ever Speakers´ Corner public event at Hansatori. If the corona situation allows, it is also possible to participate in the Theater and Marina palace on site by registering in advance at the Forum. We will tell you more about this in August.

— Although the restrictions caused by the pandemic have been removed, the arrangements for the Forum are still based on a hybrid model, but with lesser restrictions, says Anders Blom.

Foreign and security policy and the European economy will be discussed

This year, the Europe Forum will be attended by more than 40 individual organizers with more than thirty program sections. During the three days, there will be discussions on the changed foreign policy situations, both nationally and internationally. The event is build around daily themes. Speakers include Prime Minister Sanna Marin, EU Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen, Minister of Finance Annika Saarikko, Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen, opposition leaders Petteri Orpo and Riikka Purra, Minister of Education Li Andersson, President of Sitra Jyrki Katainen, Mayor Minna Arve, MEPs, scientists, professors, members of youth organizations and experts in many different fields.

Wednesday 25 August is dedicated to researched information, leading to discussion between universities on, among other things, European cooperation, drug development and the resilience of society. There will also be a climate forum and a seminar to assess the development of the labor market system. The Archipelago Sea Protection project is also on display.

Thursday 25 August the issue is Europe in the world, i.e., what is the Eu`s global role, especially in the economy? Among other things, the green transition and the development of international trade and competition will be highlighted in the speeches. Energy issues, the fossil economy, and urban carbon neutrality goals are on the agenda. It also looks at what European economic and monetary policy looks like now and in the future, and what is the role of young people in changing EU decision-making?

Friday 26 August the topic is Finland in Europe. During the day, there will be a high-level foreign and security policy seminar and an EU political prime minister’s exam, where the presidents of the four parties will discuss the current state of the EU, the future and the European policy of the future government. We will discuss what kind of policy on Russia does Finland need in the future and the European Year of the Youth will be reflected in a panel discussion on the rights and inclusion of gender- and sexual minorities in Europe.

On Friday, the Speakers’ Corner public event in Hansatori will discuss energy and the green transition, foreign and security policy, and there will be a panel discussion on the mental health of young people.

Participation is open to everyone on the virtual event platform and in the public event held at Hansatori

The main venues of the Europe Forum will be the Radisson Blu Marina Hotel, The Turku City Theater, Hansatori and the Forum`s own virtual event platform. The event platform shows all forums programs live. You can send questions and comments to these live events via the chat on the virtual event platform as well as on Twitter. The conversations will be saved, and you can return to them later on YouTube.

Head to the future of Europe and join the Europe Forum on 24-26 August 2022!